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Q&A with Korinne

Q&A with Korinne

Over the past five months, I’ve had a chance to meet so many (but not nearly enough) of you loyal PBR shoppers. It feels like I’ve known you forever, because we already have so much in common, mainly: a deep love for vintage and a home full of PBR pieces. I want to get to know you all, so next time you’re in please say hello! And in the meantime, I thought a little Q&A might help you get to know me as well.


What did you do before buying Palm Beach Regency?
I spent the last ten years as entrepreneur, building Urban Simplicity into a premier home organizing company with operations in New York City and Palm Beach. Prior to that, I spent a decade in politics, organizing campaigns and operations for former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, as well as elected officials from Congress to The White House. Let’s just say, all that prepped me for this new endeavor.

How long have you lived in Florida?
My husband was recruited for a job in the Palm Beach area over four years ago. As longtime island lovers, making the move to Florida from New York City, where we lived for most of the last 15 years, was like a missing piece of the puzzle.

But I detect an accent. Where are you from?
I grew up in a small town called East Bernard, Texas, near-ish to Houston. After college at University of Texas at Austin, I moved up north, but those Texas roots are pretty strong.

How did you come to own Palm Beach Regency?
As mentioned above, I was running Urban Simplicity, my home organization business between New York City and Palm Beach until COVID made that impossible. It just naturally felt like the right time for a new challenge, for both me and my husband, D.J., who was working in real estate private equity at the time. I happened to drop by PBR, got to chatting, and told the previous owners about a vintage clothing business I was in the very early stages of planning. Then the next time I saw them later in 2020 in the shop, they asked if I’d be interested in buying their business. It took about two seconds for me to say YES, and thank goodness my husband and his business brain were on board. The rest is history waiting to be written!

What do you have planned for Palm Beach Regency?
I’m all about baby steps! My hope is to take it to the next level. That starts with some updated branding, light shop improvements, and a website that will hopefully make the online shopping experience even easier. Lots of big ideas, too, but again, baby steps…

Which Golden Girl are you?
I’m a Sophia. All the way.


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